Fall is a beautiful time of year. The weather cools down, the leaves change color, and there is an excitement for the upcoming holidays. However, that leads those colorful leaves to throw themselves off their respective trees and litter your yard with a brittle mess. You know what that means: it’s time to grab the rake. Unless you plan on jumping into a pile of leaves after they’ve been raked (meaning you would have to rake them again), there isn’t necessarily a lot of fun involved in this certain lawn maintenance chore. Even so, there are ways to make collecting leaves a little bit easier. LL Gardens has some tips and tricks to help minimize the time spent raking leaves as the seasons start to change.

Hire the Professionals!leaf removal service

LL Gardens provides our customers with a fantastic fall cleanup service. Apart from garden bed and final mowing, we will remove all of the leaves and debris from your lawn. Having one less item on your to-do list is never a bad thing. We take care of the cleanup quickly and efficiently, allowing you to watch football more and deal with landscaping less.

If You Are a Do-It-Yourselfer…

We understand that sometimes the do-it-yourself mentality takes over and you would rather take care of the leaves on your own. If that ends up being the case, we have some tips to make cleaning up leaves as painless as possible.

  • Tarps and Leaf Bags: When dealing with flower or tree beds, laying down tarps or bags specifically for leaf collection prior to the season change can pay dividends. These items will be there for the leaves to fall on top of, and when the time for pick-up arrives, you can simply fold the tarp or bag up and place the leaves in a garbage bag or collection bin.
  • Mowing Isn’t Just for Lawns Anymore: You may think that prior to one of your last mows, you will need to clear the leaves. Actually, mowing the leaves can be extremely beneficial for your fall lawn cleanup! Chopping your leaves up and collecting them in the lawnmower bag will allow you to create a one-stop shop for disposal. Simply removing the bag and throwing all of your lawn waste away is far easier than raking, collecting, and then mowing.
  • Chopping Up Leaves = D.I.Y. Fertilizer: The leaves you chopped up by mowing over them? Not only do they make cleanup easy, but they can also be a simple fertilizer for your lawn. Rather than bagging and disposing, just setting your mower’s blades a bit higher will allow you to cut the leaves into fine pieces and create an at-home mulch to promote healthy lawn growth. You can also go through the same process with the collection bag on your lawnmower and use the leaf-mulch for other landscaping purposes.

LL Gardens understands the inconvenience caused my leaves and the landscaping preparations required for winter. Whether you are an avid do-it-yourselfer or are searching for the best of the best to handle your needs, our landscaping company will provide you with the best service in the Circle Pines area. Give us a call today to find out how we can help!