Pine trees are a popular landscaping choice in Minnesota, but planting a pine tree isn’t as easy as sticking it in a hole in the ground. Pine trees are a great choice of property owners who desire privacy and a way to add beauty to their property, but there are certain problems that commonly come up with pine trees. Fortunately, if you are willing to take the time to educate yourself, these issues can be prevented. Here are some tips for ensuring the health of your pine trees.

Pick a leader

Pine tree groves should include one leader tree from which all the branches should radiate. If you have two dominant trees, it will cause the tree to grow wider at the top and cause structural weakness. Make sure your leader tree is strong and doesn’t have wounds on its branches or trunk.

Plant in the right location

An unfortunate problem that often occurs when property owners plant pine trees is that they do not consider the future size of the tree. This causes them to plant them in places where they eventually become problems. As a general rule of thumb, it is a good idea to plant pine trees no less than 20 feet from any property lines or utility wires.

Hire a landscaper for care

There are also specific ways you should maintain your pine trees. For example, pine trees do not thrive with too much moisture, so the amount you water them is a delicate science. Additionally, pruning must be done sparingly as to not damage the plant. Instead of spending all your time caring for your pine tree, consider hiring a landscaping company to care for it for you.

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